Real Preppy.

I saw this dress and was trying to figure out how to wear it while avoiding all the cliche fashion pitfalls. Ballet flats, cardigan, cat’s eye glasses, charm bracelet. So I decided to prep this gal out.

Preppy chic has been in for quite some time now. Ever since rappers traded leather and denim for wool and argyle. Add to that, Sailor chic has become the current rage. Striped tops and anchors abound.

I wanted to pay tribute to real old school preppy. The kind I grew up with. Tattered Tretons. Scuffed Bucks. Those Nantucket Knot Bracelets that got really scuzzy before you ever cut them off. Oh and lest we forget, Sebagos and LL Bean! And to give credit where credit’s due. I have a very special friend who just happens to be the queen of the prepsters. Her style and accessories provided much of the inspiration here. Oh and most if not all of this stuff is available in the US and Europe. Enjoy!


Summer Sexy!

Assembled this cute ensemble at Summer’s coming!

Scuba Diving in a Newly Flooded Meadow.

If you’re day is turning out to be a bit stressful or like me, you’ve been up since 5am and have been mindlessly wandering the internet. This video should relax, calm and soothe the savage [insomnia’d] soul.

un chateau pour savoie

For those of you who are uninformed, I have a lovely boyfriend who happens to be from Alsace. Given my penchant for daydreaming/fantasizing, my current situation leads me to dream of opening a bistro on a little cobblestone street, in the french countryside. Whiling away the evening hours in front of the fire in a little stone chateau equipped with an overgrown vegetable garden, and wine cellar where my select vintages age happily in the cool stone cellar.

Today I found just such a chateau online. Isn’t she a beaut?

She’s in Bauné, which I have no idea about but she’s close to a little town called Angers, and sacré grace, what a place. Even little unknown towns in France, look like sets for the most romantic movie ever made…sigh
Picture credits of town of Angers. 1 and 3 are from Philippe Stoop. 2 is JThillie. 4 is Phillippe Vasseur. All of the Angers pics were taken from google maps. The chateau pics were from a real estate site.

beds beds beds

Oh god! To be out of debt and purchasing furniture pour ma chambre. This would be bliss.

The top 3 are from Horchow. Below that is a snazzy little number from Williams Sonoma and A yellow sunburst from Urban Outfitters.